Fantastic site
Judi Dash(non-registered)
Dearest Hal, I was so grateful for you presence and beautiful chants and teachings during our meditation retreat. I love your chants and took a chant book with me. I will send a donation with admiration and appreciation. Love and blessings, Judi
Dear Hal,
A birthday greeting for you (sung to the tune of “Happy Birthday”):
Happy Birthday (one day late) to You!
Happy Birthday (one day late) to You!
Happy Birthday (one day late) Dear Haaaa-aaaal!
Happy Biiiiirrrrrrrthdaaaaaaaaay (one day late)
Toooo-ooo-oooo-ooo Yoooooooooou!
Sorry we missed the exact date. Just got home from Texas and are still trying to unpack, catch up with messages, and assimilate into normal life (or what passes for a “normal life” around here!), so we never checked a calendar. We are making up for it by thinking of you all day today! Hope it was a good birthday for you!
Steven & Ani
Susan Cooper(non-registered)
happy birthday my wise friend and weekly inspiration....many more...and may every moment be wonderful......why not ...its a birthday shoshana
Ann Friedman(non-registered)
Hal, you have brought blessings to my life since I met you five years ago. Thanks for being yourself and sharing your gifts with us. Sending love...and hoping to see you this summer.
Ruth Dalphin(non-registered)
This is so beautiful, Hal. Your sensibility, generosity, and gracious, open-hearted beingness come through on every page. Congratulations and thank you for this and all your gifts.
Some hard work and thought rewarded Hal - I like it very much.

Best wishes
Regina Messer(non-registered)
Dear Hal, I`m very touched by your website: It`s Great!!
Beauty, Truth, Sensibility, and Content are present.
The format of the website is simple, easy and very rich.
Congratulations, Parabéns!
Stef Borkowski(non-registered)
Enjoyed the site Hal....
John Perriment
A great new venture, Hal, very diverse and well presented. You have obviously worked very hard on this. Congratulations and wishing you every success.
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