A Still Mind | About
Meditation practitioners are often averse to describing themselves, believing that the goal of meditation is not to have a self. The truth is that the self does exist, just not as we believe it does. Although I engage in many activities, the primary focus of my life is awakening through meditation practice. Helping others to find peace, joy, compassion, wisdom, understanding, and lasting happiness go hand-in-hand with my own awakening. Photography and music are two of the ways I try to share my insights, so much of this site is devoted to these artistic pursuits. Dancing, and Improv theater have also become big parts of my life. In addition to being fun, they complement my sitting meditation practice--they too are ways of paying attention in the present moment, of practicing connection and awareness while engaging with the world.

For my day job, I work as a Patent Examiner for the United States Patent and Trademark Office. I am fortunate to have a secure job with flexible work hours that allows me to work from home. Life took me on a very roundabout journey to get here, through two engineering degrees, working as a chip design and verification engineer, and two long periods of unemployment. After several years of meditation practice, I felt called to be a spiritual teacher, and earned a Master of Divinity degree from the Wake Forest University Divinity School. Ministry didn't work out as a career, but remains part of my life through my meditation practice. I have been studying meditation and attending silent retreats since 2000 with Rabbi David Cooper and Shoshana Cooper. The transformation that this practice has brought about is beyond words, though I try to convey it through my writings, photographs, music, dancing, Imrpov, and the way I live and interact with others. The awareness found through meditation informs my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and perspectives. I live a quiet life in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Besides the spiritual and artistic pursuits shared on this site, I enjoy weightlifting, running, biking, Contra dancing, Blues dancing, Improvisational theater, and hiking and the outdoors.