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The Mojave National Preserve is a fascinating place of unexpected and stark beauty. Covering 1.6 million acres in the Mojave desert, it has an abundance of plant and animal life, mountains, interesting rock formations, and even a bit of sand. These photos are from a springtime visit to the preserve. Recent knee surgery limited my mobility, so most of these were taken very close to the (often very rough) roads. Still, there were amazing things to see almost everywhere.
Cactus SunriseJoshua Tree SunriseMorning in the DesertDesert TreeDesert Tree 2Under the Joshua TreeJoshua Tree, Shrubs, MountainShrub with LavaCinder Cones and Lava FlowsJoshua Tree and Cinder ConesJoshua Tree and Cinder Cones 2Teutonia Peak TrailTeutonia LandscapeTeutonia Joshua TreesTeutonia Peak TreeCaruthers CanyonCaruthers ManCaruthers CanyonCaruthers Canyon RocksJoshua Tree Sunset

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